Coactivity: Philology, Educology / Santalka: Filologija, Edukologija, Vol 16, No 2 (2008)

Denomination of the Sacral Building, its Innerspaces and Liturgical Articles

Laimutė Kitkauskienė


Basing upon the material collected the article aims at reviewing denomination of liturgical – ritual objects. As to their meaning names are divided into groups depending upon what they name – a sacral object or its parts, liturgical books or articles, ritual clothes, etc. Concerning their origin there are Lithuanian and non-Lithuanian words. The latters may come from one language or be received through languages – intermediates. The conclusion is made that Latin or other foreign words remain important in the Lithuanian language as there are no proper Lithuanian words to name liturgical objects. The article has both practical and theoretical value. The data presented can be used when studying general laws of term origin and building as well as explaining the adaptation of borrowings in the Lithuanian language. It is relevant to continue the studies of this subject in order to encourage the building of Lithuanian equivalents both in this field and in those which lack Lithuanian names.

Article in Lithuanian

Article in: English

Article published: 2011-04-13

Keyword(s): intermediate language; denomination; derivatives; borrowings; word building; naming; synonymy; variance

DOI: 10.3846/1822-430X.2008.16.2.133-146

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