Coactivity: Philology, Educology / Santalka: Filologija, Edukologija, Vol 16, No 4 (2008)

Analysis of Loanwords Used in Academic Speech of Students

Regina Žukienė


Since reconstruction of independence of Lithuania more possibilities for educating and standardising native language has appeared. Obviously, official, public national language gains the most interest as it is a standard to learn from for passive part of society. Everything that is official should be correct. The beginnings of teaching correct language is at school, the background is at university, where academic, Professional language is learnt. Therefore these institutions are most responsible for foundation of correct language of everyone who uses it. In landmarks for national language policy for 2003-2008 year there is emphasized that language reflects culture and attitude of society, that language is an indispensable part of national spiritual culture, national identity and a guarantee for survival of nation. Therefore at high school not only teaching language should be improved, but also reinforcing lingual cultural consciousness and applying modern ways of spreading norms of language. „Speciality language culture“ course studies are included in every high school program. Its basement is Professional needs of students and functions of language. No doubt, the basement of language is vocabulary, therefore a vocabulary that corresponds to norms of language is necessary for educating correct speciality language.

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Keyword(s): vocabulary; norms of language; loanwords; loan-translations; borrowing words

DOI: 10.3846/1822-430X.2008.16.4.99-106

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