Vol 15, No 4 (2007)

Table of Contents

Preface PDF
Aleksandras Velička 3
Gebrauch des Genitivattributs in der Deutschen Fachsprache PDF
Vita Banionytė 4-9
Self-Assessment of Vocabulary and Relevant Language Skills for Evaluation Purposes PDF
Violeta Janulevičienė, Galina Kavaliauskienė 10-15
Theoretical and Experimental Study of Integration Between Different Lingual Activities PDF
Aleksandras Velička 16-22
Applying the Communicative Methodic in Learning Lithuanian as a Second Language PDF
Vaida Buivydienė, Regina Žukienė 23-31
Ratings of Business, Economic and Transport Borrowed Lexis PDF
Angelika Petrėtienė, Jonas Masiulionis 32-40
Language of Educational Books is One of the Factors of the Correct Language of Students PDF
Angelė Kaulakienė 41-52
The Linguistic Competence of the Teacherof the Higher School PDF
Vilija Celiešienė 53-60
Principals of Formation of Negation and its Differences in Contemporary Romanic (French, Spanish, Italian) Languages PDF
Arūnas Stuogys 61-67
Interaction of the Affirmation, Negation and Restriction in Romanic (French, Spanish, Italian) Languages PDF
Arūnas Stuogys 68-74
Corruption in a Comprehensive School: Sociological Diagnosis and Educational Providence PDF
Valdas Pruskus 75-93
Globalisation and the Protection of Locality: Opportunities for Intercultural Educationin the Multicultural Society PDF
Alicja Szerlag 94-107
The Influence of Attitude on Autonomous Foreign Language Studies PDF
Alvyda Liuolienė, Regina Metiūnienė 108-114
Main Principles of Teaching Foreign Languages and their Theoretical Interpretation PDF
Jonas Mickonis 115-119
The Coursebook as the Integrated Partof the Teaching Complex PDF
Nijolė Žegūnienė 120-124
Pecularities of Economic and Information Terminology PDF
Elvyra Vida Tadauskienė 125-130
The Control Priorities of Foreignlanguages Teaching PDF
Rasa Sklizmantaitė, Aleksandras Velička 131-135

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